Friday, January 26, 2007

Cose da non fare - Things not to be done (scroll down for english)

Lasciate che vi dia un consiglio, se state facendo lezione davanti a un centinaio di ingegneri (seppure finti, come i gestionali) non dite, ripeto NON dite mai qualcosa come

se eccitiamo il sistema con un seno

non è cosa. No, proprio no. Certo se fossero stato ingegneri veri, chessò informatici, la reazione sarebbe stata molto più violenta. Imparate dai miei errori mi raccomando.


Probably my English reader will not take too much advantage from this piece of advice , but I am trying to keep this blog as international as possible. If you are holding a lecture in Italian in front of a hundred engineering students, never ever say anything that would sound like
if we excite the system with a sine

The thing is that sine in Italian is seno which also means breast. It is risky business to say something like that in front of engineers. Trust me, I am one of them...


Annina said...

things not TO be done ;-)

barbara said...


ora verrai ricordato per almeno un anno accademico!!

Anders said...

Haha! That's great, I'm sure that your students love your lectures... Once, I was in charge of showing prospective students, mostly girls around my highschool, and I said something like "our chemistry labs are well-equipped"... So I know how you feel!